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A Japanese chamber-music group that joins traditional Eastern instruments with contemporary Western techniques.
A subtle and evocative sound.

Canada tour February 1 - 17, 2001

Montreal, Sherbrook, Toronto and Ottawa

Time schedule Ticket Info Address
Monday, February 6, 8pm
Concert (Montreal)
Tel.: (514) 982-1812 MAI Center, Montreal, Qc.
Friday, February 9, 12:30pm
Lecture/Recital (Sherbrooke)
Tel.: (819)822-9600 ext2395 Bandeen Hall, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Qc.
Tuesday, February 13, 4pm
Workshop (Toronto)
Tel.: (416)204-1080 St.George-the-Martyr Church (Music Gallery), Toronto, Ont.
Thursday, February 15, 8pm
Concert (Toronto)
Tel.: (416)204-1080 St.George-the-Martyr Church (Music Gallery), Toronto, Ont.
Saturday, February 17, 2pm
Concert (Ottawa)
Tel.: (613)241-8541 Embassy of Japan, Ottawa, Ont.

Works by David Loeb, Diego Luzuriaga, Yoshiharu Takahashi, Andrew Timar, and traditional Japanese and Chinese music.

About the Nishikawa Ensemble

The Nishikawa Ensemble is a Japanese chamber music group that joins traditional Eastern instruments with contemporary Western techniques. Founded by Mr. Kohei Nishikawa, one of Japan's most accomplished and versatile players of both Japanese and Western flutes, the Ensemble's focus is "From East to West, traditional to contemporary".

The Nishikawa Ensemble is composed of high caliber performers of traditional Eastern instruments such as the nohkan, shinobue, koto, biwa, pipa, guzheng, and taiko, as well as Western instruments like the piano, flute, and a wide variety of percussion. The Ensemble frequently benefits from the participation of guest performers, offering further opportunities for creativity and diversity.

An unusual aspect of the Ensemble is its inclusion of a composer as a regular member. In this way, the Ensemble has a constant supply of new repertoire composed in direct consultation with the performers and the composer is assured of performances that truly reflect the nature and intention of the pieces. The Nishikawa Ensemble is also very active in comissioning pieces by other composers, and regularly premieres innovative new works.

In addition to concerts in Japan, the Nishikawa Ensemble has toured 3 times in Canada, giving concerts and workshops, and has performed in the US. The Ensemble has also committed itself to an ongoing series of recordings; it has released two CDs which include both contemporary and traditional works, and a third CD will be recorded in 2001.

For the 2001 tour, the performers will be Kohei Nishikawa (Japan)- Japanese and Western flutes, Hideko Nara (Japan)- Piano, Liu Fang (China/Canada)- Pipa & Guzheng, and Patrick Graham (Canada)- Percussion, Frame-drums, & Taiko. The repetoire for this tour will include world premieres by composers Diego Luzuriaga (Equador), Yoshiharu Takahashi (Japan), and Andrew Timar (Canada), as well as pieces by David Loeb (U.S.), and traditional Japanese and Chinese music.

For further information regarding Ensemble Nishikawa and the 2001 Canadian Tour, please contact Patrick Graham at (450)923-8010.

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