Vietnamese and Chinese Music from the classical traditions

Liu Fang and Pham Duc Thanh
and their special guest
Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe
Great master of traditional Vietnamese music

Wednsday October 24, 2001, 8pm

Redpath Hall, Mcgill University

This concert will be recorded by the Chaîne culturelle of Radio-Canada and will be broadcasted in a Radio-Concert on Friday evenings at 8pm on FM100.7, Montréal.

Tran Van Khe and Liu Fang on concert

A great memorable Concert
with the theme

"Crossover of the Cultures"

Analogies and Differences
In a concert of

Traditional Vietnamese and Chinese music

Analyzed and commented by Prof. Dr. TRÂN VAN KHÊ from France.
Ex. Director of Search of CNRS of France. .
Ex. Professor d' Ethnomusicologie of Sorbonne (Paris).
Ex. vice-president of the International Council of Music (UNESCO).
Honorary Member of the International Council of Music (UNESCO).
Member corresponding of the EUROPEAN ACADEMY of Sciences, the Letters and Arts.
Specialized musicologist of all Asia.
His name appears in several encyclopaedias.

Professor TRÂN with his famous musical interpretations, interviewed by an eminent personality, Mrs. KENDERGI in 1958 with the radio of UNESCO in Paris;
By stimulating introduction of Mrs. Élisabeth Gagnon, each year, since more than ten years in RADIO-CANADA, in the emissions "Music in Memory" or "an ear on the World", under the direction of Mrs. Lorraine Chalifoux.

Accompanied by his two internationally-acclaimed students:

LIU FANG - Young virtuoso of the pipa and guzheng, traditional Chinese stringed instruments
A native of Yunnan Province in China and a graduate of the Shanghai Music Conservatory, the Montreal resident Liu Fang is well recognized by the expressivity of her play, the quality of her interpretations, and her masterful skills that highlight all range of sonorities of pipa and guzheng through her international concert tours and recordings by Radio-Canada and Radio-France. Since November 2000 Liu Fang began studying traditional Vietnamese music with Master TRÂN VAN KHÊ. In June 2001 Liu Fang received the prestigious Millennium Prize for Future Generations from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Prof. Tran Van Khe and Pham Duc Thanh DUC THANH - Prize winner of Monocorde of the Academy of the Nam Vietnamese soldier.
Recognized by his many technical possibilities: several cords in only one cord A obtained several prices with the Nam Vietnamese soldier. Talented musician multi-instrumentalist Musician invited in Germany, in France, with Television, Radio Canada, the Festival of Francofolies. Type-setter, interprets as a soloist with the monocorde music of illustration of film MEIN FREUD DER WASSER BÜFFEL in National Television of Germany. Interpret as a soloist with the monocorde music of Large film "THREE SEASONS"(metteur in scene Tony Bui)

Nothing more attractive than this marvellous meeting great Master and his fabulous disciples of traditional Vietnamese music. You would feel captivated by the richness and grace of the traditional musical instruments, sometime gently harmonious, sometimes highly contrasts, and often richly coloured like a painting. The solid and rich sound of the moon-shaped lute will dialogue eloquently with the Monocorde, as well as the 16-stringed Zither that possesses a crystal and cherishing sound like that of a brook. Professor Tran, soloist with the 16-stringed Vietnamese Zither and the two-stringed fiddle, and the talented Duke Thanh, soloist in Monocorde, will share the drums and the moon-shaped lute, performing the ceremonial music of Court (music reserved to the king). The young virtuoso Liu Fang will impress you with her Pipa (Chinese four-stringed lute) and Zheng (21-stringed zither) in the classical music of China. In particular in a beautiful trio of stars, with the 16-stringed zither she newly learned from Prof. Tran, Liu Fang will joint with professor Tran and Duc Thanh in a brilliant improvisation of the traditional music of the South Vietnamese styles, offering further surprises to discover...

In here is a discovery of Eastern tradition where the Master is regarded as spirituel father - which makes in this concert, a concert of heart, a rare meeting not to be missed.

Wednesday, October 24 2001 at 8pm
Red Path Hall, 3459 street Mc Tavish
McGill University

Tickets available at the beginning of September.
Students or people of the golden age $12.00
Adults $15.00 (Tax included)
Tel. (514)398-5145 or (514)398-4547

This concert will be recorded by Radio-Canada. Producer: Madam Lorraine Chalifoux

(Original French Text by Madam Tran Ngoc Suong, Altavista translation)
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I (Liu Fang) wish to thank The Canada Council for the Arts for its support for my project.
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