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The Orientals

Concert presented by The Arabic World Festival fo Montreal on Novemember 8, 2005

The Orientals (China, Tunisia) is preformed by Liu Fang and Yousra Dhahbi in a unique musical duet that reflects the diversity of culture and traditions.

Separated by the traditions and the religions, both share however the same passion: to play the lute.The FMA presents in world premiere a musical meeting between Liu Fang, a Quebecois artist of Chinese origin, for whom " behind every note, there is a soul ", and the Tunisian Yousra Dhahbi, nicknamed the Sultana (queen) of the Lute, Who became famous for her impressive flow, fascinating inventiveness and an extreme sensibility.

Brought up in an environment that appreciates culture and tradition, including the mystical performances of music and art, especially during the time of festivities. Since her childhood, Yousra Dhahbi had only a single purpose in life, to play the lute. After dedicating six years to the Music Academy, she successfully earned her diploma of Arabic music, to dash then into her flourishing career, influenced by the Iraqi school of Music and the infamous Egyptian Tarab.
Furthermore, the evening is stimulated by, Liu Fang a well known superstar, a Canadian who is proudly attached to her Chinese origins. Liu is a brilliant artist who accomplished many international awards and impressed different audience world wide.

Combining their talents, the exploration of new tracks is assured, the discovery of links between extreme East, the Arabic Maghreb, and the West, A remarkable event that should not be missed.

On November 8th, 2005 at 8:00 pm.
Pierre Mercure Hall
300 boul. of Maisonneuve East
Ticket: $35 ( Taxes included)
Box office: admittance ( 514 ) 790-1245 and in the
Info FMA: 514 747-0000

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Relations de presse : Alain Labonté (514) 523-9922

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