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Traditional and classical Chinese music
Performed by

Virtuoso performer of Chinese pipa and guzheng

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December 14, 2008: Interview and live performance at the famous Dutch vrijegeluiden TV (music channel).

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December 16, 2008: Concert with Liu Fang and friends - the 1st concert in the series with CONTRASTS IN CHINA.
Liu Fang on Pipa (Chinese lute) and guzheng (Chinese zither), Yoshio Kurahashi on shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), Pops Mohamed on African kora, kalimba, mouthbow and Ziya Tabassian on percussion Intrum grafting (Tombak, framed drum).

live recording, and broadcasted on March 27, 2009, by the Dutch music radio - Concertzender Live.

Recording Technique: Sabrina ter Horst
Production: Rolf Buijs

19 December 2008
20:00 - 21:30 Liu Fang on Dutch Radio - Metamorfosen

Producer:: Sally Farrar

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On March 22, 2007, concert in the KIT Tropentheater with Liu Fang (Pipa, guzheng) and Yoshio Kurahashi (Shakuhachi).
Concert live recording and broadcasted by the Dutch music radio - Concertzender Live.
Recording Technique: Arjan van Asselt
Production: Rolf Buijs

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Liu Fang plays pipa


  Pipa and Guzheng music
(online listening and down-loading)

The dance of the Yi people, pipa solo composed by Wang Hui-Ran. (MP3, 6min, 6MB)

Song from a fishing boat during sunset, guzheng solo from the traditional repertoire.(MP3, 4min. 4MB)

Chanting of Tiema - guzheng solo

Pipa concerto - with orchestra

More sample pieces.

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"... Superb sensitivity and unrivaled dramaturgic feeling. ... By observing (her playing), one sees the love which links her with the music; one feels the unissson which resounds between her being, the instrument, and above all, one shares her deep joy..." - Mondomix, France, 06.2006.

" ... Masterful, graceful and riveting, ..." - BBC (London. UK) November 8, 2003

Detailed CD information with repertoires and music samples

Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 3, released in 2006 Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 2, released in 2003 Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 1, released in 2001 Liu Fang guzheng solo album, released in 2005 Chinese Pipa and Guzheng music, released in 1999

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