Yu Zhou Chang Wan Fishermen's happy song
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Song of fishermen on a home-bound boat during sunset
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Guzheng solo demo (MP3)

Chinese traditional Guzheng music interpreted by Liu Fang

Song of fishermen on a home-bound boat during sunset - (traditional)

The music describes the scenery of rivers and lakes bathed in a sunset glow while the fishermen on a home-bound boat enjoy the moving picture of a scenic landscape along the waterway. The entire piece consists of three sections: the first is characterized by a slow, melodious song expressing innermost feelings of appreciation of the scenery. In the second section, the music speeds up and vividly displays the happy mood of fishermen on the home-bound boat after the hardships of daily work. In the final section, the allegro, the melody carries on, utilizing a succession of sounds with variable techniques, vividly portraying rowing sounds, swinging motion and the spray of splashing water. Along with the music’s development, the tempo gradually speeds up; the intensity is strengthened, unfolding a warm scene of the fishing boat approaching the bank. As the boat grounds ashore after the high tide, the last notes slowly flow out, ending suddenly on an unexpected note, evoking a mood of reflection.

Samples: exempted from Liu Fang's guzheng solo album entitled "Emerging Lotus".

The more pieces are sound in Liu Fang's guzheng solo album:
Traditional Chinese Guzheng Music .

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Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 3, released in 2006 Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 2, released in 2003 Chinese music: The soul of pipa, Vol. 1, released in 2001 Chinese Pipa and Guzheng music, released in 1999

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