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Yi Dance Yi Zu Wu Qu
Wang Huiran and his pipa solo composition
The Dance of the Yi People

The most celebrated comtemporary pipa solo piece which has become classical

Composer Wang Hui-Ran

Wang Huiran (Wang Hui-Ran) was born in 1936 in Shanghai, China. He started learning pipa and liuqin (a smaller version of Chinese lute) at the age of 13 and became profesional soloist in several musical troups during his early career. In 1957 Wang was selected to go to Moscau State Radio Station and recorded several traditional pipa solo pieces. His own composition "Merry dancing under the moon" received excellent comments. In 1960, Wang composed the celebrated "Dance of the Yi people" which has becomes the classical pipa composition that can be heard almost every where in China. This piece, combining the spirit of the folk tradition and the best use of the pipa technique, has become an excellent model for contemporary pipa compositions. Wang has also made great contributions in improving the making of Liuqin in such a way that this instrument, which was used mainly for accompanying local opera or other instruments, has also appeared in solo genres. He composed many pieces for Liuqin and wrote a book entitled "How to play Liuqin". Wang Huiran also displays excellent skill in conducting Chinese orchestra. He was invited several times to conduct Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Chinese Youth Orchestra.

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The Dance of the Yi People
performed by Liu Fang

The piece - "Yi Dance"

The Yi people is one of the minority groups in Yunnan Province where Liu Fang grew up. The Yi folk is very famous for their colorful cloths, beautiful dances and songs. Liu Fang's interpretation of this piece catches the spirit of this composition and touched the heart of the listeners to such an extend that some of them were even moved to tears during her concerts. (see comments and press reviews)

Concert live recording:

On-line listening:

  • cliquez ici pour télécharger le morceau entier (5MB)
  • click here to download the whole piece (about 5MB)
  • It should be mentioned that a few places
    of this piece has been modified
    by the performer in this recording.

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