Pipa concerto - pipa and orchestra

Pipa soloist: Liu Fang

Traditionally pipa is mainly a solo instrument, some time used in folk ensembles such as the traditional "silk and bamboo ensembles" that are commonly found in South-East China. It is also used in accompanying story telling, or local opera. Nowadays, pipa is more and more used in contemporary compositions for ensemble, orchestra, and various combinations with both Chinese and western instruments. There are excellent concertos for pipa with orchestra by composers from countries such China, USA, Canada and Japan, etc. Due to its special sound color and great potentials, pipa works very beautifully with orchestra, as is demonstrated in the following sound sample of Tan Dun's compsotion, "Ghost opera" performed by Liu Fang and Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (guest conductor: Scott Yoo; recorded by CBC radio).

Special thanks to the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and the CBC radio for the permission to use this 1-minute audio clip for demo purposes. Complete recording is available for demo puproses upon request.

Pipa concerto - sound sample:

Extract from the composition by Tan Dun

Press review: Pipa virtuoso Liu Fang leads WSO back to classics

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[Note] Pipa is four-stringed Chinese lute that has over 2000 years of well-documented history (More ...)

An extract (4min.) from a CBC TV documentary (BravoCanada)



January 24, 2013: "Parfums d'Asie" - pipa concerto. Information


  • June 16, 2011: Concerto for string orchestra and pipa (composed by Tan Dun), with Montreal Chamber Orchestra (conductor: Wanda Kaluzny), St. James United Church,
    463 Ste-Catherine Street West (Montreal, H3B 1B1).
    Information: www.mco-ocm.qc.ca
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  • Mon 01 March 2010: Pipa concerto, CHARLEMAGNE ORCHESTRA for EUROPE, concerthall of FLAGEY, Brussels, Belgium (Detailed information ...)
  • The pipa concerto with Windsor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro John Morris Russell has turned out be fantastic experience both for the musicians and for the audience. See review article "Pipa virtuoso Fang leads WSO back to classics " by Ted Shaw in the Windsor Star (February 10, 2008).
  • January 31, 2006, Liu Fang performed with Manitoba Chamber Orchestra the celebrated Tan Dun's composition - concerto for pipa with string orchestra, conducted by Scott Yoo. This recording was produced by CBC Radio. The total length is about 20 minutes. On the right chanel, only a small section is shown due to web-capacities.

==> detailed information and press reviews about the concert.


Liu Fang performed pipa and guzheng in Murray Schafer's opera The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix in 2001 & 2006.



Pipa & Orchestra


The chief conductor of orchestra - Jean-François Rivest, pipa soloist - Liu Fang and the composer - Hugues Leclair

October 15, 2005, 8pm: World premiere of the pipa concerto - "Toward the soul mountain", composed by Hugues Leclair. Claude-Champagne Hall, 220 avenue Vincent-d'Indy, Montreal. (Click here for press release)


Orchestra work

October 14-21, 2003: Liu Fang perform 3 concerts with the orchestre des pays de Savoie, CHAMBÉRY, France. Director : Graziella Contratto

Critique - Le Monde de la Musique, No. 282 (France), décembre 2003

Pipa & Ensembles

Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne interprétera la pièce Tian Ling de Zhou Long le 15 novembre 2001 à la salle Claude-Champagne de l'Université de Montréal. Cette oeuvre est écrite pour Pipa et 14 musiciens, sur direction invité - Maestro Daniel Kawka.

Pipa concertos
pipa concerto

Liu Fang performed two pipa concertos in Prague

Liu Fang performed two pipa concerti with Moravic Symphony Orchestra at the 5th CHIME conference, Prague, Czeck (September 17, 1999): "Ghost Opera" composed by Tan Dun and "The King Chu Doffs his Armour" composed by Zhou Long (Conductor: Wang Jin).

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