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[Liu Fang's Performance Highlights - world premieres and concerts recorded by radios and TVs]

Concerts and Tours 1997-1999

November 21           Sala de Conciertos, Biblioteca 
                      Luis Angel Ararango, Santaf?de Bogota D. C., 
September 28          Internationel Zentrum Begegnung, Karlsruhe, Germany. 
September 17          pipa concerto, CHIME conference, Prag, Czeck.
September 11 & 12     Sommerkonzertreihe 1999, Sclob Glienicke, Berlin, Germany.
September 20          pipa & string quartet, pipa and cello, with musicians 
                      from the German Symphony Orchestra of Berlin. 
                      BKA Berlin, Germany
September 6           Berlin, Germany. 
July 26-28      Vancouver Chamber Music Festival and Vancouver Recital Society, 
                Vanvouver, BC, Canada.
July 23-25	Calgary Folk Music Festival, Alberta, Canada. 
July 16-18	Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
July 12-15      Festival d'ét?international de Québec, Quebec city, Canada. 
July 8-10       Chinese traditional music concert at the Festival de Musique de Chambre 
                de la Baie des Chaleurs, Quebec, Canada. 
July 7          Solo, Montreal Asian Heritage Festival, Montreal Botanical Garden.
June 13        Chinese Traditional Music and the Music of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), 
               Salle Pierre Mercure, Montreal (Quebec), Canada. 
May 22		Solo, Montreal Asian Heritage Festival, Maison de la Culture Frontenac, 
                Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
May 8         Quebec Tai-Ji Society
April 18      Traditional Chinese Music, Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre - Stewart Hall, 
              Pointe-Claire (Quebec), Canada.
April 16      Traditional Chinese Music, Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, 
              Montreal (Quebec), Canada. 
April 15      Traditional Chinese Music, Music Faculty, University of Montreal, 
              Montreal (Quebec), Canada. 
April 11	Trio (with George Gao and Jenny Zhang), Des Musiques du Monde, 
                Musique Multi-Montreal, Gesu, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
March 28	Les Classiques du Monde, 
                Festival of the Musique Multi-Montreal, Eglise de la Visitaion, 
		Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
January 6         SR  Chinesische Traditionelle Musik, Haus Ungarn, Berlin, Germany.


December 27       SR  Winterkonzertreihe 1998/99, Sclob Glienicke, Berlin, Germany.
November 8      Traditional Chinese Music concert, Sala de Conciertos, Biblioteca 
                Luis Angel Ararango, Santafe de Bogota D. C., Columbia.   
November 15	Solo with pipa and zheng, The showcase of the Canada Council for the 
		Arts in Montreal, Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.                     
October 24, 25	Guest performer with Min Hui-Fen, the most famous erhu virtuoso from 
                China, and the George Gao Silk Ensemble, Toronto, Canada. 
October 13      An Evening of Music from Mongolia and China, Performing Arts Center
                Concert Hall, Western Washington University, Seattle, USA.     
September 20     Gala Performance for the 8th Anniversary of the Toronto Chinese 
                      Canadian Artists Centre, George Weston Recital Hall, Ford Centre 
                      for the Performing Arts. North York (Ontario), Canada.
September 19	      Pipa solo, The 1st Annual River of light celebration, Festive 
		      Earth Society, Toronto, Canada
July 4		Dragon Boat Festival, Ottawa (Ontario), Canada.
June 6                Musiques de Chine, Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montreal 
                      (Quebec), Canada.
May 16		Pipa solo, Montreal Asian Heritage Festival, Maison de la Culture 
		Frontenac, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
April 29	Pipa solo, Press conference of Montreal Asian Heritage Festival, 
		Jardin de Chine, Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
April 19              Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre - Stewart Hall, Pointe-Claire (Quebec), Canada.
April 18	Pipa solo, World Music Day, Cinema Berri, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
March 30	      Chinese Traditional Music, presented by Amarrages, Chinese 
                      Christian Church, Montreal (Quebec), Canada. 
March 21	Musique-Multi-Montreal Festival, Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, 
		Montreal (Quebec), Canada.


October 4	     Chinese Traditional Music, the Colloque Musiques et Sociét? 
                      organised by the Sociét?Québécoise de recherche en musique (SQRM) 
                      and Laboratoire de recherche sur les musiques du monde (LRMM) 
                      in collaboration with the Music Faculty of Universit?de Montréal, 
                      Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
October 1	      International Day of Music, McGill University, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
October 1 	      Traditional Chinese Music, Maison Hamel Bruneau, Sainte-Foy, Quebec.
September 27          Guest solo, concert of Japanese percussion ensemble Arashi Daiko, Pollack Hall, 
                      McGill University, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
September 22	China Week, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
August 23	Open-air concert presented by Les Amis des Plaines d'Abraham, 
		in Quebec City as part of the events for Canada's Year of Asia Pacific 1997.
July 26 	      Soirée-Spectacles, Auditorium of the Montreal Botanical Garden, 
                      Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
July 20		Concert on Place d'Youville, Centre d'Histoire de Montreal, 
		in collaboration with Musique-Multi-Montreal, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
July 20		Rendez-vous ethnique Festival, Trois-Rivières (Quebec), Canada.
July 13		Solo and duet (with Lei Qiang), Concert in the series Solar Sounds 
		at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull (Quebec), Canada.
July 6		Concert, Music Festival in Harborfront Center, Toronto, Canada. 
May 24  	      Evening of Traditional Chinese Music, Salle Claude-Champagne, 
                      Université de Montréal, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
July 5 		Sun Festival, London (Ontario), Canada.
May 3		Montreal Asian Heritage Festival, Maison de la Culture 
		Frontenac, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
May 18		Musique-Multi-Montreal Festival series: Le Showcase des 
		Musiques du Monde, Salle Pierre-Mercure, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.


August 26        GS   China Night, Sudbury (Ontario), Canada. Proceeds went to the 
                      Canadian Cancer Foundation.
July 27		Musique du Monde festival,  Sherbrooke (Quebec), Canada.
July 25		Musiques et Traditions du Monde festival, Theatre de Verdure, 
		Parc Lafontaine, Montreal.

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