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Sounds of ancient China - Oliver Good, The national, December 18. 2008 8:30AM UAE.


fROOTS Magazine, London, UK "... With the wind in her hair and eyes closed, Liu was the picture of composure and elegance. ...". - Graham Bond, Critics, WOMAD 2004, Reading, UK, July 25, 2004.

Paul Fisher meets a Chinese pipa virtuoso passing through London, fROOTS Magazine, March 2004, No. 24.

Liu Fang: 10 Talented Fingers, La Scena Musicale, April 2004, Vol. 9.7

"Masterful, graceful and riveting, Liu will surely return for UK concerts next year, ...", BBC London 94.9 FM, 8 November 2003, Host: Charlie Gillett

Photo from the Realm Magazine "Liu Fang has touched audiences in Canada and around the world with the Chinese classical tunes she plays on her pipa...", By Natasha Mekhail, Realm Magazine, Issue No. 19 - Spring 2003

"MUSIC - The sound of silence: Spaces between the notes matter to virtuoso Liu Fang. ... 'Behind every note, there is soul.' During her interview with The Gazette, Liu proved the point most eloquently when she removed her plpa from her case and began to play..." - BERNARD PERUSSE, The Gazette, March 26, 2002.

"LIU FANG - Fragrance de Chine: ... La Montréalaise d'origine chinoise Liu Fang est sans conteste la plus grande ambassadrice de l'art du pipa en Amérique et en Europe..." -Guy Marceau La Presse, Le mardi 26 mars 2002

pipa "L'impératrice du pipa - Montréal compte une des plus grandes virtuoses du pipa, Liu Fang. Déroutant, son instrument ressuscite la musique des anciens empereurs de Chine.", - Pierre Cayouette, L'actualité, 15 décembre 2001, p. 90.

"What are some definining characteristics of Chinese classical music that you convey in your music?", - interview with Paula E. Kirman, Inside the world music, June 25, 2001.

Interview with Chinese news paper published in (in Chinese).

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