Critics on Liu fang's new CD
Montreal Mirror, March 21, 2002

pipa music "Liu Fang Chinese Pipa Music From the Classical Tradition (Philmultic) Since 1996, Montreal has been home to Fang, her pipa (the Chinese lute) and the stack of awards and honours she picked up in her native China. The woman is a virtuoso player of the pipa (and no slouch on the guzheng zither), as ably displayed on this CD of time-worn compositions from back home. She shifts nimbly from sparse passages that allow the pipa’s sharp tones to blossom and breathe, to blistering runs that, in their density, would make flamenco masters weep. Only part of her rich repertoire is showcased here - for a fuller picture, catch her show at Centre Pierre-Péladeau, Wed. Mar. 27."
-Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, March 21, 2002.


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