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Radio France

Transmission on 10th September 2001

World Music
Liu Fang.

The pipa, the lute emblematic of Chinese music but possibly of Persian origin, has now one of its ablest interpreters in the person of Liu Fang. Having lived in Germany, she is now at home in Canada and on passing through Paris will be offering us an hour of pleasure. Lucie Rault, a researcher and sinologist at the Musée de l'Homme, kindly drew our attention to this virtuoso, who in playing becomes the very soul of her instrument and whose technical prowess has listeners melt into the music. The lightness and pliancy of the notes draw us into the compositions, transforming us into jasmine blossom or silver trinkets tinkling outside a temple in the passing breeze...
Presented by Caroline Bourgine

(translated from the original French text into English by Phil Stanway)
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