Press review from rootsfest

pipa music "... Rick Van Krugel, one of Mandolirium’s three mandolinists, encountered Chinese pipa (a four stringed Chinese instrument) player Liu Fang warming up in the green room. 'Rick asked her about scales and stuff. She started playing a classical Chinese piece and she invited him to join in on mandolin. He was just taken away and lost in the music. I was watching him just kneeling there with his eyes closed, playing along with her to the point where it actually brought him to tears.' Van Krugel and Fang have kept in touch and are considering doing a project together... "
excempt from the review article: "Out Of The Box And Into The Air - Rootsfest is a gift to musicians and audiences alike" by Ron Forbes-Roberts, Sunday Magazine

Rootsfest / Friday July 27-Sunday July 29. Royal Roads University, Victoria

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