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pipa music "What can be said of Liu Fang's pipa and guzheng recital in Paris? A veritable feast for the ears, eyes, heart and soul of a choice public, attentive and knowledgeable.
With such an accomplished musician, the great technical hurdles are forgotten in passing effortlessly and serenely into a marvellous musical paradise where magnificently adroit fingers dance gracefully on strings to evoke purling water and passing clouds, to recall the profound sadness of the Princess Zhao Qun, or to plunge into the broil of battle.

Liu Fang's outstanding technique is married to her musicality. She performs master pieces of the Chinese music with not only her fingers but also her heart and graceful figure. She melts into the music.

She excels on the pipa but is also wonderful on the guzheng. The precision of her plectrum is amazing, as is the grace of her looping motions in arpeggios rising and falling, or the lightness of her left hand grazing the strings like a dragonfly brushing a lake or a butterfly flirting with flowers.

Classical works were effectively augmented by new compositions savouring of the past.
Hearing Liu Fang play is delightful.
Watching Liu Fang play is ravishing.

Prof Dr Tran Van Khe
Master of traditional Vietnamese music
Director of Research CNRS
Professor at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris
Honorary member of the International Music Council (UNESCO)
Corresponding Member of the European Academy of the Sciences, Letters and Arts
(Translated from French by Phil N. Stanway, Berlin, Germany.)

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