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Photos for booking agents and concert producers for publicity purposes

Liu Fang photos for publicity

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Performance highlights

Concerts: solo recitals, with string quartets, and symphony orchestras

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Solo recital

Liu Fang performs on pipa and guzheng

"A fairy’s touch on silken strings"
- Geneviève Dournon (directrice de la Musée des Arts Asiariques, Nice, France)

Pipa and string quartets

Contemporary compositions by composers such as Melissa Hui, Tan Dun and Zhou Long.

pipa concertos: pipa and symphony orchestra
pipa concertos: pipa and symphony orchestra

Pipa concertos

Contemporary composers such as Tan Dun and Zhou Long

Pipa and orchestra

France, October 2003

Festivals: open air concerts and workshops

2004 WOMAD, Reading UK

"... Liu's left-hand contorted to form astonishing shapes over the wooden frets as her right-hand fingers worked in waves, stroking the strings with mesmerising speed. The flailing fingers inexplicably managed to pick out delicate bass and treble melodies. With the wind in her hair and eyes closed, Liu was the picture of composure and elegance. ..." festival critics


Vancouver Folk Music Festival

2002 Summer Tour with the Silk and Steel Ensemble


The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix

The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix

Composed by R. Murray Schafer, and premiered on September 13-16, 2001.

Liu Fang played pipa and guzheng in this music production

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